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Feeling Stressed and Anxious? Need a Place to Escape?

You Belong Here.

The Delta Discovery Center is a place for self-discovery and healing nestled in a quiet area on the beautiful island of Hilton Head.

All the services we offer have been designed to relieve stress and anxiety ... and heal trauma of all sorts. You deserve a break. 

Visit the Center soon!

Hilton Head Locals

If you live on the island full-time, you'll love stopping in regularly to take advantage of everything the Delta Discovery Center has to offer. 

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Part-Time Residents

Do you spend a few months or more on Hilton Head every year? If so, you'll get great value out of our membership ... even if you're only here for one month. 

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Vacation Retreat

Are you planning a vacation on Hilton Head Island? Why not make it a personal retreat. Our services are designed to promote self-care and reflection.

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Techniques for Self-Care and Wellness

Is There a Correlation Between Music and Happiness?

Have you ever attended a concert? We bet you have. Who wouldn't want to be in the presence of their favorite artist, singing along and swaying to the tunes you love? At festivals, and concerts, (and even symphonies and operas) you will get to experience other people's love for music. And this brings us to the question: Is there a correlation between music and happiness? I [...]

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The Detox Controversy | Is it Necessary To Do a Body Cleanse Detox?

Throughout the years, there's been controversy surrounding detox or detoxification. Some say it is necessary to do a body cleanse detox and some say it's just a myth. However, despite this controversy, we have seen a boatload of information about different types of detox ideas that people believe in and provided testimonies that they indeed work. What is Detox? Before we [...]

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Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Self-Care

What does Mother's Day mean to you? If you're a mom, how are you planning to spend this special day? And ... if you are not a mom (but think that your mom is deserving of special treatment), you have probably been wondering what you could get your mom that would let her know how you feel. Perhaps you're planning a little surprise travel, or maybe a thoughtful gift. Well, how a [...]

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E. Coli Outbreak from Romaine Lettuce | What are the Alternatives to Romaine Lettuce?

Imagine eating the freshest green salad you have ever tasted - crunchy cucumber, red tomatoes, tasty onions, and of course, the freshest romaine lettuce ever... and then you hear about the news of the E coli outbreak from romaine lettuce. Sad isn't it? The veggies in the salad are great but the base is the lettuce, you can't have a mouthwatering salad without good lettuce, rig [...]

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