Feeling Stressed and Anxious? Need a Place to Escape?

You Belong Here.

The Delta Discovery Center is a place for self-discovery and healing nestled in a quiet area on the beautiful island of Hilton Head.

All the services we offer have been designed to relieve stress and anxiety ... and heal trauma of all sorts. You deserve a break. 

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Hilton Head Locals

If you live on the island full-time, you'll love stopping in regularly to take advantage of everything the Delta Discovery Center has to offer. 

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Part-Time Residents

Do you spend a few months or more on Hilton Head every year? If so, you'll get great value out of our membership ... even if you're only here for one month. 

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Vacation Retreat

Are you planning a vacation on Hilton Head Island? Why not make it a personal retreat. Our services are designed to promote self-care and reflection.

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Techniques for Self-Care and Wellness

Have you been getting your fair share of information about the benefits of CBD oil? We have seen several articles talking about the numerous health benefits of CBD oil. There’s been a lot of buzz about this since hemp and mainstream CBD were legalized. There is CBD oil for anxiety, CBD oil for pain and CBD oil for insomnia. There’s even CBD oil for digestion. The list goes on for days. Incidentally, pain, insomnia, and digestion are three of the top struggles people talk about when they visit the Delta Discovery

Do you find it hard to get good, uninterrupted sleep? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. You and 50-70 million Americans are also suffering from insomnia. The sad thing, though, is that people actually don’t put much thought into the importance of good sleep. Most people would probably say they don’t have insomnia if they are able to fall asleep. However, the truth is that if their sleep is continuously interrupted, or if they have restless sleep, that this is also considered as a form of insomnia.  So if

Joint inflammation is usually a cause of great inconvenience and oftentimes can be debilitating. Any type of swelling in your joints can activate the nerves in your joints which causes you to feel joint pain. When you feel that dull ache, burning sensation, or the soreness in any of your joints, it could literally paralyze you. It’s like you’re an airplane that suddenly lost a wing or a car without a tire. It’s the worst feeling because you won’t be able to do the things you are used to doing. Any tiny

Do you want to know how to increase your happy brain chemicals? One of the main issues that concern people right now is their decreasing amount of happiness or the lack thereof. This is very sad because this lack of happiness affects overall wellbeing and sometimes even lead to tragic incidents, such as suicide. For some, there are a lot of reasons to be happy. However, for some, happiness seems elusive. The good news is, there is actually a way to achieve natural happiness by increasing your happy brain chemicals. Most