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Feeling Stressed and Anxious? Need a Place to Escape?

You Belong Here.

The Delta Discovery Center is a place for self-discovery and healing nestled in a quiet area on the beautiful island of Hilton Head.

All the services we offer have been designed to relieve stress and anxiety ... and heal trauma of all sorts. You deserve a break. 

Visit the Center soon!

Hilton Head Locals

If you live on the island full-time, you'll love stopping in regularly to take advantage of everything the Delta Discovery Center has to offer. 

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Part-Time Residents

Do you spend a few months or more on Hilton Head every year? If so, you'll get great value out of our membership ... even if you're only here for one month. 

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Vacation Retreat

Are you planning a vacation on Hilton Head Island? Why not make it a personal retreat. Our services are designed to promote self-care and reflection.

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Techniques for Self-Care and Wellness

Using Bioenergetic Testing to Diagnose Mysterious Health Issues

There's a new trend in the holistic health world today that can potentially solve the issues people with mysterious health concerns face. Those mysterious health issues might be referred to as functional disorders. The solution just might be using Bioenergetic Testing ... or a Meridian Stress Assessment. A functional disorder is a medical condition wherein the f [...]

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Happiness vs Contentment | Is There a Difference Between Happiness and Contentment?

There has been a lot of confusion on happiness vs contentment. Some say that happiness comes first before contentment while others would say that you need to reach contentment before you can ever be happy. Which is which? When we think about happiness and contentment, we could easily count them as the same if we look at it on a certain level. However, if we carefully think abo [...]

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Sound Healing Therapy | Celebrating the National Day of the Gong

Do you believe in sound healing therapy? Sound can sometimes become annoying or a nuisance especially when it's being referred to as "noise". However, most of the time, it is a source of relaxation, comfort, joy, and healing. One such source of this healing sound is this ancient Eastern holistic practice called gong bath. A Denver Post article describes a gong bath as [...]

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How Homeopathy Works in the Body

Conventional medicine is simply not up to par for most people. They are either dissatisfied with it or have seen inconsistencies that they believed were not really helping to cure their particular illness. One such person is Samuel Hahnemann who founded the alternative practice called homeopathy. And while it is not as old a practice as Traditional Chinese Medicine, people fro [...]

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