How Meridian Stress Assessment and Bioenergetic Testing Work

Although the use of meridian stress assessment (MSA) or bioenergetic testing in diagnostics has just been recently introduced in the United States, it has actually been around and has been widely used in other parts of the world for over 35 years. However, despite the fact that it has been used for several years already, a lot of people still don’t know about its wonders.

With more and more people suffering from undiagnosed symptoms every day, the use of meridian stress assessments or bioenergetic testing is considered a good holistic alternative for diagnosing functional disorders.

sad woman meridian stress assessmentA functional disorder is a medical condition in which the function of an organ in the body is being disabled for no particular reason since it looks completely normal when scanned or investigated under a microscope. Therefore, a proper treatment cannot be recommended. 

Functional disorders are also sometimes referred to as “functional somatic syndrome”. The International Association for the Study of Pain (ISSP) defines this as the presence of “several overlapping syndromes that are characterized mostly by symptoms, suffering, and disability and less by disease-specific abnormalities of structure or function.” These usually include ailments such as irritable bowel movement, posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

When several symptoms overlap, a physician could not exactly pinpoint what type of ailment a patient is experiencing, which will make it difficult for him to recommend a treatment. Having undiagnosed and untreated ailments can be very disastrous and can even sometimes lead to death. However, with meridian stress assessment and bioenergetic tests present, this will give a patient an opportunity to find a proper cure or treatment.

What is a Meridian Stress Assessment?

Meridian stress assessment is also called bioenergetic testing, bioenergetic screening, and Biomeridian testing. 

Basically, it is a non-invasive technique using a device or instrument, called Biomeridian, to better understand the health status of the body through assessing its meridians. In traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian system or channel network is a path in which the “qi” or vital energy flows. This system is also used in acupuncture and acupressure.

Through a meridian stress assessment, a physician will be able to determine if your meridians and their related organs, systems, and functions are stressed, balanced, or weakened, and by how much. 

diagnostics_meridian_stress_assessment_LkJXFSDr. Savely Yurkovesky, a physician who uses a resonant bioenergetic testing method, says that “bioenergetic testing is the most sensitive single diagnostic tool that exists in the world today.”

Meridian stress assessment or bioenergetic testing is not designed to replace conventional pathological diagnostic tests. In fact, according to the website, Natural Solutions for Preventive Health Care, MSA testing is “intended to bridge the existing diagnostic and therapeutic gaps.” Thus, physicians use it in addition to physical exams and lab tests to come up with a better diagnosis, which translates to a better treatment plan. Since meridian stress assessment is a very safe procedure, it is an excellent way to identify different medical conditions such as allergic reactions, toxicities, and potential infections.

How Meridian Stress Assessment Got Started

There is one person that could be credited for the birth of Meridian Stress Assessment … and that is Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German physicist. Dr. Voll was quite dissatisfied with mainstream medicine because he felt like instead of actually finding out the root cause of illnesses, mainstream medicine was putting a Band-Aide on a symptom.

That’s why Dr. Voll started to look at other alternative therapies that are more inclined to address the root cause of illnesses. So, consequently, he became interested in the Chinese meridian systems.

Now, meridian systems have been around for thousands of years and the Chinese have been using this system for healing.

Chinese believe in energy channels in our bodies, and that if there is a smooth, energetic flow through these meridians, the organs or glands found on the meridian would be healthy. And then once there is a disruption in energy flow, the organs and glands on a particular meridian would be negatively affected.

From this concept, Dr. Voll came up with the idea to measure energy flow through the meridians through an Ohm meter.

He then concluded that when the same amount of energy that went in came out, meaning that the energy flow was smooth, the organs and the glands are healthy … which is exactly what traditional Chinese medical experts had said.
acupoints meridian stress assessmentHe was able to try to demonstrate this with a gentleman who went to listen to his lecture. Dr. Voll checked the meridians of this gentleman and found out that he had imbalances. He then made a homeopathic to address these imbalances and gave it to the gentleman who put it in his shirt pocket. When the gentleman came back to him, he checked his meridians again and found out that his meridians were all balanced. This was the birth of the Meridian Stress Assessment.

How Does Meridian Stress Assessment and Bioenergetic Testing Work?

As mentioned above, the main objective of a meridian stress assessment or bioenergetic test is to understand the general health status of a person through assessing the energy channels or meridian. 

The testing procedure begins by running a very weak electric current (millionth of an ampere), through the energy channels or meridian pathways using the Biomeridian instrument. According to the Natural Solutions for Preventive Health Care, these will be captured via data access points on the hands. Through the meridians (or energetic pathways,) a physician will be able to look through and assess the functional status of the patient’s body.

Although a lot of people are a bit cynical if this works, the data access points and energetic pathways have actually verified via radioactive isotope imaging. To be able to determine the functional status of the tissues in the body, the amount of current that was able to pass through the cellular of the organ, gland, or system will be assessed.

This will then be compared to a standard health guideline. Anything that doesn’t match the standards will be easily detected, after which, the parts of the body that are not functioning well will be identified. Once the dysfunctional organs or systems are identified, the physician will then conduct a test of potential therapeutic treatments that the patient can apply. The test is done by sending “representative electromagnetic signatures of remedies to the body and measure its response.”

Being able to test the remedy first will allow the physician to observe if the treatment or remedy being administered is working or not before actually recommending it to the patient. 

According to the Natural Solutions for Preventive Healthcare, a patient undergoing meridian stress assessment or bioenergetic test would require about three to twelve visits to be able to “fully restore optimum health.” 

What Are the Benefits of a Meridian Stress Assessment and Bioenergetic Testing?

Meridian stress assessment or bioenergetic testing is very helpful when it comes to finding the right treatment for a certain ailment. Through this test, one can be able to check their compatibility with certain medicines, supplements, or other treatments.

This test can also show a patient which toxins, viruses, or bacteria in the body will need to be taken care of. This is also a good test to check if someone is allergic to certain foods, chemicals, or toxins.

woman wellness meridian stress assessmentHow Reliable are Meridian Stress Assessments and Bioenergetic Testing?

Numerous health practitioners all over the world have evaluated the reliability of the meridian stress assessment and bioenergetic testing and have shown positive results. 

In a study on meridian stress assessment by Alan Galway of the Washington University College of Nursing, he concludes:

“Many of the most eminent holistic healthcare providers in the United States, and around the world,
have recognized the benefits of meridian stress assessment and bioenergetic medicine and have incorporated them into daily practice. Incorporation of MSA systems into healthcare practices can only enhance orthodox practice and potentially assist in the bridging of long-held “cure-the-symptoms” model and a true holistic healthcare model. Meridian stress assessment is the most comprehensive system developed in medicine to date that has the ability to provide a truly holistic system of healthcare delivery.”

Is Meridian Stress Assessment Worth It?

We will answer this with a YES. Meridian Stress Assessment or Bioenergetic Testing is not just another medical process that will only put a Band-Aide on your symptoms. It goes beyond just treating the symptoms … it identifies the root cause of your ailment which will then provide true healing.

If you are interested in addressing the root cause of your illness, or you want to know the current state of your health, Delta Discovery Center offers appointments for Meridian Stress Assessments. Visit our website for more information about MSA and other services.

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