Sound Healing Therapy | Celebrating the National Day of the Gong

Do you believe in sound healing therapy?

Sound can sometimes become annoying or a nuisance especially when it’s being referred to as “noise”. However, most of the time, it is a source of relaxation, comfort, joy, and healing.

One such source of this healing sound is this ancient Eastern holistic practice called gong bath.

gong bath sound therapy healingA Denver Post article describes a gong bath as a “bath without water” … so it doesn’t require an actual submersion of the physical being into a tub of water. More like, it is bathing in sound or meditating in gong sound waves.

What is a Gong Bath and What Does It Do?

Basically, a gong bath is a sound massage for the body and mind and is often used for body detox through meditation. According to Mindworks, the goal of gong baths or gong meditation is usually therapeutic, but it has a much deeper goal – and that is “awareness and non-judgemental appreciation of the present moment.”

Now, if you haven’t seen a gong before, it is actually an ancient musical instrument which is composed of a circular metal disc (just like a giant plate) and a mallet that is used to hit the gong to produce a deep sound. Colleen Smith, a Denver Post contributor, described this sound as “the sound of serenity”.

How Do Gong Baths Work?

A gong uses vibrational sound and frequency to heal disorders. As one lies on the floor while somebody is hitting this giant plate that produces a deep ringing sound, the body achieves balance, grace, and awareness.

Sound therapy has been known to treat several disorders. MindBodyGreen listed a number of disorders that can use sound therapy as treatment. Gong baths have been known to treat sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, and pain.


Now, how can gong bath promote healing of these disorders? Mindworks mentioned that scientific evidence suggests that “certain forms of sound therapy prompt damaged human DNA strands to repair themselves.” Pretty cool, huh?

Celebrating the National Day of the Gong

If you are interested in gong baths, this is the perfect time to give it a try because the National Day of the Gong is coming up. It will be celebrated on June 21. This special day of the gong is to “honor and celebrate the gong’s unique history and capacities among instruments of sound, music, creativity, and healing.”

The National Day of the Gong was founded by Gong To Go, a website created by Gong enthusiast, Anne Marie Dorsa, to “celebrate the extraordinary ways the gong can impact the mind, body, and spirit.”

Anne Marie is dedicated to expanding the outreach and applications of the gong, thus, she enthusiastically shares her gong in unique, engaging, accessible, and transformational ways. 

If you are looking forward to relieving your stress and anxiety, sound healing therapy is something you should consider.

About the author

Dr. Gala Gorman is a licensed Acupuncturist, Naturopath, and Author who offers expert advice and programs to help people prevent disease. She uses advanced techniques that "reverse the clock" on aging. She founded the Delta Discovery Center with her partner, Charlie Frangos, to provide a place for self-discovery and healing on Hilton Head Island and beyond. Dr. Gala helps people learn to be their own health advocates.