The Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia and Digestion

Have you been getting your fair share of information about the benefits of CBD oil? We have seen several articles talking about the numerous health benefits of CBD oil. There’s been a lot of buzz about this since hemp and mainstream CBD were legalized. There is CBD oil for anxiety, CBD oil for pain, and CBD oil for insomnia. There’s even CBD oil for digestion. The list goes on for days.

Incidentally, pain, insomnia, and digestion are three of the top struggles people talk about when they visit the Delta Discovery Center. And these are issues that we prioritize.

Most cases of physical pain typically involve the joints or the back. Those who are struggling with insomnia would complain about difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Issues with digestion would include bloating, elimination, and reflux.digestive_problems_cbd_oil_for_digestion_eNfCa1

People dealing with these issues would try to resolve these initially with pharmaceutical medication. However, even if the side effects are tolerable, the issues are rarely resolved completely. And to add insult to injury, one of the worst things that could happen if these are not totally resolved, is that it gives birth to other issues.

The byproduct of chronic health problems is usually anxiety. And once you suffer from chronic anxiety, life is more difficult to deal with.

According to Healthline, anxiety is a natural response to stress. It is described as a “feeling of fear or apprehension about what was to come.” This often happens when we to move to a new place, or do something new. And a bit of anxiety is normal. This type of anxiety just comes and goes. As a matter of fact, it can actually motivate us to do a better job at the things we want to do in life.

Anxiety disorder is different, though. Imagine being worried all the time … even if there’s no reason to worry. The feeling follows you around whatever you are doing, wherever you are going. And it becomes debilitating.

When you have an anxiety disorder such as phobia, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder, it basically stops you from enjoying the simple things in life. If left untreated, even simple everyday activities such as crossing the street or using the elevator will become an issue.

Benefits of CBD Oil – Alternative Treatment for Healing Chronic Health Problems

People seek an alternative that solves the problem without creating new ones!

For issues such as pain, insomnia, digestion, and anxiety, often, that solution is acupuncture and oriental or functional medicine.

Acupuncture and oriental or functional medicine rely heavily on herbs and other supplements to support the body in reestablishing health and wellness. CBD oil is an herbal supplement. So, it naturally fits into a protocol recommendation when appropriate.

hemp benefits of CBD oilHere at Delta Discovery Center, we use what is called a full-spectrum hemp extract oil.

As explained by Echo Connection, hemp oil is categorized as full-spectrum if the pure oil that was extracted from hemp “contains all the same cannabinoids and compounds found in the original hemp plant.” It is not isolated or synthetic, thus, “it contains several cannabinoids as well as essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes.”

Why is it Important to Use Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

There is a CBD phenomenon called the “entourage effect”. This happens when the components of full-spectrum hemp synergize with the human body to produce a stronger influence. This means that when the therapeutic properties of each component are magnified.

This complex blend of cannabinoids, essential nutrients, proteins, and healthy fats will harmoniously work together. The end product of this entourage effect, and one of the main benefits of CBD oil is a body that is more balanced, or one that has achieved homeostasis.

How much CBD Oil is Ideal?

Those who are looking to utilize CBD oil to improve their overall health and wellness are often asking: What is the correct CBD oil dosage that I should take to achieve the best results?

vial benefits of CBD oilChristine Cannon, a clinical practitioner, and advocate of Chinese herbal medicine, wrote in Acupuncture Today, that the correct CBD oil dosage depends on two factors. First is the person’s physiology. This includes weight, metabolism, and the body’s current state of homeostasis or balance. The other factor that affects CBD oil dosage is potency. This translates to the strength or power of the CBD oil once it is taken in.

Basically, the potency of your CBD oil can be determined by dividing the amount of CBD (measured in mg) by the total millimeter or size of the bottle.

Cannon says that 50 mg whole-plant hemp CBD per milliliter is generally sufficient if your goal is to maintain and support your overall health.

Delta Discovery Center has the correct dose if taken one dropper two times a day. If you are dealing with a more advanced issue, adding another dropper in the middle of the day would be advised.

Why You Should Consider Quality and Potency to Achieve the Optimum Benefits of CBD Oil

The quality and potency of CBD oil are key to having great results and getting value for your money. CBD oil is a fairly expensive supplement so you need to make an educated decision when considering the many options available on the market.

About the author

Dr. Gala Gorman is a licensed Acupuncturist, Naturopath, and Author who offers expert advice and programs to help people prevent disease. She uses advanced techniques that "reverse the clock" on aging. She founded the Delta Discovery Center with her partner, Charlie Frangos, to provide a place for self-discovery and healing on Hilton Head Island and beyond. Dr. Gala helps people learn to be their own health advocates.