Mindful Movement Yoga-Based Class

What is Mindful MovementTMHow Does It Work?

Mindful MovementTM is a yoga-based movement class with mindfulness meditation to develop awareness . . . body, mind, and soul. One without the other is going to be significantly less effective.

Becoming aware of what’s going on inside our body helps us with emotional regulation, increases overall wellness, reduces stress and anxiety.

Our 90-minute Mindful MovementTM class massages your internal organs and fascia. It’s a massage from the inside out. You will stimulate the energy channels and meridian system in your body similar to what happens with acupressure.

If you feel as though you could use a massage, then you’ll love this class. Even if you arrive feeling tense and stressed, you’ll feel like you got a massage from a talented and caring person when you walk out. And, the best part is … that talented and caring person is YOU. This class is a great way to care for and nurture yourself.

Remember To:

  • Wear clothing that is loose-fitting, so you can easily move around on the floor.
  • Eat at least an hour (preferably two) before class.

Mindful MovementTM History and Facts:

Dr. Gala Gorman created the class using a blend of several different forms of yoga, with some strength building and stretching along with guided meditation practices. As more scientific proof of mindfulness and meditation comes to light, people are steadily considering practicing yoga as part of their everyday routine.

Guided meditation and yoga have been around for centuries.  Mindful MovementTM combines all these elements to enhance awareness through movement … in one session.

What are the Benefits of Mindful MovementTM?

You will feel different when you walk out the door. So that is pretty much immediate. But with any program, this is best practiced two to three times a week. One of the things Dr. Gala emphasizes is the power of 40 days because a 6-week period is what it takes to really integrate and make shifts. Significant, deep, integrated change doesn’t happen overnight.

There is no denying the numerous benefits of mindful movement. People have claimed that this sort of practice has healed depression and panic attacks. There are tremendous benefits related to practicing restorative yoga and meditation. But not only that – it has also helped individuals regain their confidence, overcome alcoholism, become more optimistic, and make new friends.

Participating in a Mindful MovementTM class will also:

  • Strengthen the Nervous System
  • Enhance Flexibility
  • Strengthen Acceptance and Detachment
  • Help Trim Fat and Lose Weight
  • Heal Emotional Pain
  • Help You Feel Safe and Nurtured
  • Foster Transcedence
  • Deepen Self-Awareness and Introspection
  • Help You Recover from Illness
  • Smooth the Aging Process
  • Help with Insomnia

What Can I Expect from a Mindful MovementTM Class?

This is your self-care time. We talk about the importance of self-care. And we know … it’s so hard for you to prioritize yourself and set that time aside. This is that time! This is the time to say, “You know what, I’m going to turn my cell phone off for an hour and a half, and I’m going to go do something just for myself”. Just know that you will see benefits that you wouldn’t have anticipated ahead of time.

We ask that you keep an open mind and try it. This class is a hybrid or blend of several forms of mindfulness and movement. It’s a unique experience. If you’ve …

  • taken yoga classes
  • done guided meditation
  • had myofascial release work
  • focused on strength-building
  • experienced deep stretching

… some parts of the class will feel familiar.

Is Mindful MovementTM Safe for Me?

If you have any physical restrictions, you may want to check with us before you sign up for the class.

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