Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath Detox – How Does It Work?

The skin is the second largest organ of elimination (after the lungs). The ionic foot bath sends positively charged ions throughout the body. Stimulated by the ionic foot bath, the body neutralizes free radicals. Cells can more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen. The neutralized toxins are discarded through the pores in the feet.

The body is composed of negative and positive ions. When negative electrons in the body are exposed to pollutants, other environmental stressors, or an unhealthy lifestyle they become positively charged. In excess, these positively charged ions are toxic to the body. These toxins interfere with the optimal functioning of the body and can lead to any number of symptoms.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath History and Facts: 

The ionic detoxifying foot bath is essentially electrolysis of water designed to break down the water molecules into thousands of ions. This creates an electromagnetic energy field that travels through the feet and permeates the body. Once inside the body, these ions start to neutralize the toxins in the body and draws them out of the body through osmosis.

Ionic foot baths create energy by altering the electron and proton load in the water to create an electromagnetic environment. The water is “bio-energetically” altered. By placing your feet in the water, you will experience the donation of appropriate ions. Ultimately, this is how ionic foot baths detox the body.

What are the Benefits of an Ionic Foot Bath?  

Ionic detoxifying foot baths may boost the immune system, increase energy levels, relieve allergies, and purge the body of heavy metals. After having an ionic foot cleanse you may experience reduced inflammation, significant pain relief, purging of yeast, less fluid retention, better memory, a more balanced pH level, enhanced immune system and improved sleep patterns.

Your lifestyle and willingness to take responsibility for your health will determine how many sessions you need and how quickly you will see lasting results. There may be some side effects from the ionic foot bath due to the detoxification process.

Clients who have a significant degree of toxicity can expect to have some cleansing reactions which may include fatigue, headache, and symptoms similar to what you’d experience with the flu.

What Can I Expect from an Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath?

During a session, the client sits in a comfortable chair. Most individuals find the experience very relaxing and it is not unusual for the client to fall asleep. The session takes about 45 minutes. We will immerse your feet in a bath of warm salty water.

The ionic foot therapy unit is plugged into the wall using a surge protector and the unit is equipped to automatically shut down if the salt solution gradient is not satisfactory for optimal functioning. Some people may experience a slight tickling or tingling sensation from the ionic detox foot bath.

The stainless-steel array is immersed into the bath. This array is what generates the positive or negative ions that create the energy field for the duration of the treatment. Please note that moving your feet during the treatment will not affect the outcome of the treatment in any way. The salt in the water provides the optimum conductivity. Find more information here.

At the end of the ionic foot bath session, your feet will be soaked in a solution of Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide. This helps to further the detoxing effects and prepares the feet for footwear.

Who Should Not Receive an Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath?

A client should not receive an ionic detoxifying foot bath if they have implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker, electrical implants, breast implants and transplanted organs. The Ionic Foot Bath is not suggested for pregnant or lactating women, anyone who is heavily medicated, anyone with Type 1 diabetes, congestive heart failure, dialysis, or children under the age of 6.

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