Not Sure Which Treatment

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We Get It! There Are Many Approaches to Treat Chronic Health Issues

There's no single right way to address a health issue. And, sorting through your options without professional help can be overwhelming. That's why I created an easy way for you to ask your questions and consider your options ... including determining that the services provided by us aren't the best option for you.

In our few minutes together, you'll be able to ask your questions and gain some clarity so that your next step feels like the best move forward.

The Discovery Session is designed to ...

  • Answer Your Questions
  • Provide Clarity About Your Options
  • Relieve Decision-Making Stress
  • Make Prioritizing Your Well-Being Easy

About Dr. Gala Gorman

Dr. Gala is an oriental medicine practitioner (acupuncturist and herbalist) and naturopath. With her early background in business, she also taps into the logical side of medicine.

Her belief is that science and art can work together to facilitate healing. She is passionate about giving people a better choice and a real solution.

Your immune system is competent and fully equipped to do its job. You just need to know how to eliminate what’s causing the malfunction so that the immune system can be effectively “rebooted” to restore full functionality!

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