Pause Your Routine Long Enough
to Hear Your Inner Wisdom

refresh. recharge. restore.
reboot ... retreat!

If life is a continuum, are you on
the end of stuck and struggling or amazing?

What if making small but profound life changes is
all that stands between where you are now and 
the amazing life you know is possible…

But, knowing what small changes will produce the big difference requires insight and inspiration that can be challenging to recognize amidst the noise and chaos of daily living.

A few days … with a bit of direction from experienced guides … unplugged from your normal routine could be all it takes to reboot your life.

How do you know if a Reboot Retreat is right for you?

Has life become an endless progression of stitched-together days of drudgery?

Do you fall asleep exhausted only to wake up tired but needing to begin again?

Is your life out of balance … your priorities are not your own?

Are you trying to be everyone else's anchor and drowning yourself in the process?

Are there habits and behaviors you know need to change?

Have you felt an overwhelming sense of urgency without clear direction?

Can you sense a longing for something you don't quite understand?

Do you feel perplexed by the behavior of those you love ... or even yourself?

If the questions above resonate with you, you’re not alone. You may also find that you feel isolated and lonely … even when you’re in the midst of family and friends. No amount of hustling to prove and perfect yourself seems to dull the chronic sense that you’re not enough.

And, you probably can’t even explain what enough is!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

I’m Dr. Gala Gorman. I know personally how these unresolved questions take their toll in our lives. Chronic stress results in a life that is unenviable. There is no way to stop the insanity without stepping back and into the shoes of an outside observer.

We all have programs running. Some are obvious ... some less obvious. These programs aren’t a “bad thing.” They’re what makes it possible to keep all the balls in the air when we’re juggling too many competing priorities.

Imagine that your computer has been running really slow. You may even have a program or two crashing with regularity. You know you need to CTRL-ALT-DEL.

"But wait … I just need to finish …"

And then - there it is. If you’re a Microsoft user, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the “blue screen of death.”

You’ll recover. You always do. But it would have been so much easier if you would have just heeded the warning signs. A bit of inconvenient short-term pain could have produced priceless long-term gain.

After the reboot ... and maybe a bit of time recovering ...

The painful slow motion coupled with worry and stress is replaced with things humming along harmoniously working together. Life feels manageable and satisfying again.

So, if the programs you’ve got running in your life are bogging you down. If you’re feeling sluggish … even stuck, you need to heed the warning signs and make time for a reboot. 

And, that’s what the Reboot Retreat will help you do.

It’s time for a reboot. Resolve the nagging questions above … along with the others that are holding you hostage to stress, anxiety … even hopelessness.

I'm extending a personal invitation to join me, my husband/partner and several other like-minded souls in an intimate group setting (maximum of 10 participants) where you will explore and embrace your greatest gifts.

Take a few days away from your normal routine to practice techniques that will help you develop a deeply sustainable source of happiness and fulfillment.

In this retreat, you will stop asking the world what it wants from you
long enough to ask yourself what you want for your world.

How would your life be different if a few key insights released you from the current struggle?

Learn to eliminate the noise and drama in your life to dissolve self-limiting patterns

Expose hidden impulses that influence your decisions and choices

Create a conscious connection with your soul by tapping into your inner world

Develop a deeply sustainable source of happiness and fulfillment

Identify and embrace your greatest gifts to step into your personal power

Harvest some juicy "aha" moments resulting from time to unplug and reset

Connect with your loving and nurturing "inner guide" to access your deep innate wisdom

Awaken your inspiration and heart-centered guidance system

Tap into your natural flow of unlimited possibility

Gain perspective to align your priorities with your values

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein

You might be asking yourself if it's realistic to expect that a few days away from your normal routine can really produce a significant shift in your life.

It's a fair question. And, we can honestly say it is going to require your full participation and an open mind. 

But, if you can imagine having a new lease on life, a fresh perspective, and clarity about your next best steps on your way forward, this retreat will help you make the vision reality.

Are you wondering about the details? What's the schedule? What's included ... and not included?



03:30 – 05:00  Optional Pre-Retreat Mindful Movement Class

05:30 – 07:00  Welcome and Orientation

07:00 – 07:30  Transfer to ShangriLow for lodging

07:30 – 08:00  Light Dinner (Soup, etc.)

The retreat includes several treatments and classes that are
offered at the Delta Discovery Center. A short description of 
the services you'll experience follows.

Mindful MovementTM Class

Mindful MovementTM is a yoga-based movement class with mindfulness meditation to develop awareness... body, mind, and soul. One without the other is going to be significantly less effective.

Our 90-minute Mindful MovementTM class massages your internal organs and fascia. It’s a massage from the inside out. You will stimulate the energy channels and meridian system in your body similar to what happens with acupressure.

Bioenergetic Meridian Scan

Biomeridian Testing, pioneered by Dr. Reinhardt Voll, is technology that addresses the cause of issues rather than treating the symptoms. This technology uses frequencies to balance energetic disturbances.

Are you struggling with allergies or food sensitivities? Possible parasite or Lyme infections? Wondering where your inflammation is coming from? Biomeridian Testing may be able to help you determine the best course of action.


Qi is said to flow through meridians, or pathways, in the human body. These meridians and energy flows are accessible through 350 acupuncture points in the body.

Illness is said to be the consequence of an imbalance of the forces. Inserting needles into these acupuncture points with appropriate combinations is said to bring the energy flow back into proper balance.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The skin is the second largest organ of elimination (after the lungs). The ionic foot bath sends positively charged ions throughout the body. Stimulated by the ionic foot bath, the body neutralizes free radicals.

Cells can more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen. The neutralized toxins are discarded through the pores in the feet.

Amethyst Infrared Mat

You’ll feel rejuvenated, renewed, and revitalized in body and mind from the subtle warmth of our infrared biomat with amethyst crystals . A session on the mat will  sooth stressed out nerves and knotted muscles with natural healing.

It’s been used to relieve symptoms or side effects of treatment for many conditions.


The Reboot Retreat is held in Hilton Head, SC. Hilton Head receives accolades regularly as one of the top beach destinations in the world. It is an island connected by a 4-lane bridge to the mainland.

Most of the workshop sessions, classes and treatments will be offered at the Delta Discovery Center. It is a wellness center located approximately 8 miles from the home that is referred to as ShangriLow ... short for ShangriLa of the Low Country.

Accommodations are provided at ShangriLow which is located in a gated community mid-island on Hilton Head. The home offers participants the best of both worlds. During your stay, you will enjoy the view of the lake while being an easy and delightful 10-minute walk from the beach that stretches for miles unobstructed.


It is a 15-minute drive between locations. The morning and evening transfer will be provided. If you miss the scheduled transfer, it is possible to use Uber (approximately $15 each direction). Parking at ShangriLow is limited. If you intend to provide your own daily transfer and would like to park on site, there is a $15 fee for the security pass required for the retreat.

"The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness." - Sakyong Mipham

The husband-and-wife team of Charlie Frangos and Gala Gorman skillfully guide you in examining your life. They'll help you mine the details to develop a tool kit that will support you as you let go of old limiting beliefs and outdated programming. 

You'll create a fresh new vision for your life. In a community of like-minded people. You’ll have the support you need to push the envelope to expand what you believe is possible. 

The Reboot Retreat will give you an up close and personal experience of what it’s like to be encouraged  ... to make life choices based on the dreams that live deep inside you.

With clarity, humor and insight into the realities of daily life, licensed psychotherapist, Charlie Frangos LPC, guides you to use tools of awareness to help access freedom, focus, and flow in the midst of daily life.

Dr. Gala Gorman, natural health coach, helps you ignite intentional change in your life by tuning into your inner wisdom and guidance so that your joyful nature which is already present within you is invited to play a more prominent role in everything you do.

A Personal Message from Dr. Gala and Charlie ...

You won’t hear us tell you to “suck it up” or “fake it 'til you make it.” Using that approach will only create more distance between where you are and where you’d like to be.

If making significant shifts in life was easy and a "no brainer," you would have done it already. You’re smart. You’ve accomplished a lot. And, you might even say you’ve survived experiences you wouldn’t wish on an enemy.

We get it. Life dishes up a wide array of experiences.

We can't tell you what to do or tap into YOUR inner wisdom. But we can create an environment that feels safe and welcoming so that your inner wisdom can be heard loud and clear by YOU.

Life begins to happen through you and for you rather than by you. 

Are you tired of striving and pushing ...
trying to make things happen?

Come align with your inner wisdom and embrace a different way of being and doing.


What time is arrival and departure for the retreat?

What is the best way to get to Hilton Head? 

What are the sleeping arrangements? 

What can I expect at meal time? 


If you have questions that aren’t answered for you here, reach out to us at the Delta Discovery Center. The easiest way to do that is to use the Contact Us form on the web site.

"The future depends on what you do today." - Albert Einstein

Uncertainty can hold us back from experiencing the life of our dreams - or it can be an invitation to respond to life from strength rather than weakness. Learn to unlock your extraordinary unique gifts to create opportunities you were not aware of … until making the time to reboot.

Release your authenticity to amplify and accelerate your path forward to maximize your impact ... in your own life and the lives of those you touch.

The quality of our choices set consequences into motion creating outcomes that manifest in our health, relationships, creativity and opportunities that come into our lives.

What will you choose?

Take a moment now and reserve your space in an upcoming

Reboot Retreat.

In the Reboot Retreat, you will learn and practice a blend of techniques to awaken the best in your body, mind and life. Through the experiential workshop sessions, breathing practices, intentional movement, meditation and holistic alignment, you will strengthen your body and mind to let go of nagging thoughts and anxiety. You’ll return home with wisdom, inspiration, insights, and practical tools that will continue to support your personal transformation.

This is the kind of self-care that can help you create a life worth living ... that allows you to lead by example.

This isn’t just a few days at the beach…

it’s an opportunity to nurture yourself and experience a deep renewal.

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