What are we all about?

You can roam around this website and find a lot more information but here are the top 4 things we think you're going to want to know.

  1. All of our programs, services and classes are designed to help YOU deal with stress, anxiety and trauma.
  2. We are not a spa, although, when you leave here you will feel like you've been to a spa.
  3. We're not a gym. We may offer classes from time to time that involve some strength building, but we don't consider it an exercise class.
  4. We put lots of emphasis on developing awareness. When we develop awareness, it helps us with emotional regulation and improves ALL areas of our lives.

The more you involve yourself in the programs, services and classes here at the DDC, the more you will develop what some refer to as the GAP, meaning you gain a few seconds of time when you can control how you react to a situation rather than having a knee-jerk reaction flying off the handle and then having more problems to clean up. Ready to get started?

Ready to join us here at the Delta Discovery Center?

If you're new, first thing is to register. Fill in your info, create a login and password for our scheduling app, click the box to "sign" the liability waiver.

  • If there's a program, service or class that you would like to try out, if there is a link on that description page, click the link, see what the availability is and feel free to schedule your session online but if you ever have any questions, please call us.
  • Some services you can't schedule online, it may allow you to request an appointment online rather than schedule an appointment. Once you request an appointment, we will reach out to you, either by phone or by email to confirm or modify an appointment. BUT you will know that your appointment was CONFIRMED or was a REQUEST when you make it.
  • Some services will require that you pay online when you schedule your appointment and others will allow you to pay when you come into the Center. We encourage you to have a credit card on file in the secure system, where even we don't even have access it, but it allows you to conveniently use it pay for any services that you are interested in.
  • We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. So, if you need to cancel, you'll need to cancel 24 hours in advance to be mindful of our time and make the slot available for others.
  • Most of our services are best experienced in casual, loose-fitting clothes. We encourage that you dress comfortably and ask us if you have any questions about what you should wear for any particular service.

If you have questions about pricing, you can go to this page, it will always have updated prices.

We run promotions from time to time, check out our promotions page to see what's happening.